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Jet City Amplification's Story:
Before we founded Jet City Amplification in 2009, we asked ourselves, "Does the world really need another average-sounding tube amp, propped up with pithy marketing rants using the word 'boutique' fifteen times a paragraph?" At first, our answer was "yes", our hearts are black enough. Let’s face it, we’re not running a charity. However, something inside just wouldn't let us do it.

Perhaps it was a sense of camaraderie with our brothers who drop their dwindling cash reserves on guitar amps promising tone, but ending up not delivering the goods? Or maybe it was because for the first time we were unshackled by the MBAs and bean counters we worked for in the past — guys who wore khakis with pleats and never touched a guitar— let alone heard an amp sing like an angel. Sure, we know how to use Excel, but we don’t let it make our design decisions – this is a labor of love.

Whatever the reason, we had no other choice—Jet City Amplification must deliver the utmost in tone, while being affordable enough for musicians slugging out a living on the small stage.

Of course, actually delivering on this credo was a whole ‘nother ball of wax. Luckily for you, the amp-buying consumer—legendary tube amp designer, Mike Soldano has joined our gang. The very name Soldano conjures the smell of hot tubes and blistering guitar. In fact, Mike’s creations in the 90?s are directly responsible for more shattered eardrums and 13-year old children than any other guitar amp. The other guys can say boutique all they want, but Mike is the real deal and you know it.

Jet City Amplifiers are designed in Seattle with a very simple "no bullsh*t" philosophy. No goofy "DSP" or "marketing knobs" to get between you and your sound. So for you Bubba, it's pure all-tube tone — from shimmering clean to thick ‘n raunchy. If you wanna play smooth jazz, buy someone else’s amps.

Our "Keep It Simple, Soldano" approach to tube amp design speaks for itself; with simple controls, cool cosmetics, and sensible pricing, Jet City Amplifiers offer a taste of the good life, at a fraction of the cost. Each amplifier is meticulously hand-built and rigorously tested, ensuring 100% legit tone, and unflinching reliability.

While other brands snap like toothpicks under the pressure, Jet City Amplifiers eat it up and ask for more — right out of the box, no mods necessary. Welcome to Jet City Amplification. Plug in and see what real tube amp design and quality tone is all about.

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